About me

The South Pole

I was born on… near the summer solstice, on a wonderful friday afternoon. Lazy. I first had to wake up and take things easy. I love summer, sunshine and sea. I feel “like sunny” and try to be positive most of the time. But, as astronomer, seasons are relative, and sometimes I get confused.

I grew up in Liguria and after school I moved to Veneto, where I formed myself at the Padova University for many years. I had the chance to live one year in sunny Southern California. Well, that was literally an illuminating time. I realized how much the mood of people can depend on the color of the sky and the light of the sun. I’m walking along the streets in L.A. or San Diego, strangers cross my path, and they just smile at me! The whole time. Yes sure, if you meet me I’m strange and you’ll have to smile. But seriously: people are happy there, just because it’s a nice day.

I moved to Germany, where I stayed more than ten years, now. It’s beautiful there, very clean, very organized, everything works smoothly, just like in the german cliche. Exactly like that. Life in California is like in the movies; life in Bavaria is just like Bavarian! It is so clean here, that at the beginning I almost felt disturbed, used as I was to italian cities - not famous for being exactly clean. But then I got used to it. Now some dirt on the curb surprises me… and if the Ubahn is one minute late I start watching the clock.. I’m becoming German! ARGH! Naaahh kidding.

Only one thing is missing there: the sunshine all year long. People are always in a rush, and - sadly - usually strangers don’t smile at me. Ok, sometimes they do, yes. I like to wear colorful clothes, to contrast the long, grey winter.

The new adventure is now in France, between the melody of the beautiful language and the food that would like to compete with the italian one for the best in the world... uhm. But, for the skepticals, I'd like to speak in favour of the french people... their reputation of being not so friendly with strangers is so wrong: here I really have the "liberté, egalité, fraternité" feeling. Nice!

Opel GT

Astronomy has been my passion since my young days. Possibly combined with gastronomy. My first astronomical project, was a food truck with a small dome on the roof. Then I became a teenager and my interests steered somewhere else.

I am a curious person. When something is interesting to me, I wanna know everything about it, experience it, be part of it. It can become a new real passion.

I like geography, exploring the world, traveling, going to unusual places not of touristic routes. If there’s an inacessible place on Earth, you can be sure that it’s already been in my thoughts sometimes. Antarctica has priority, and sooner or later I’ll make it there. For work, ideally: the real antarctic experience, as stronomer, scientist or explorer, it doesn’t matter. If there’s an inacessible place I simply wanna go there… because it’s there! Be it a remote island in the Arctic, Peary Land, or 46°17′N 86°40′E in China.

I am a cars enthusiast, as almost any average man, probably. And I love roadtrips. The equation is simple. If there’s a place I can reach on land, I’ll get there by car. Well, ok… only if I’m not in a rush. And probably not to Antarctica. Sigh. Overland for rookies, so to say.

Some passions stay, some come and go. Extra-ordinary but also very ordinary. Oldtimers, space memorabilia, paleontology, dinosaurs, gardening, photography, unidentified flying objects (if I only would finally see one!), the list might be very long.

I love archeaology. I am fascinated by ancient history. One might think it’s almost unbelievable how it is possible sometimes to find analogies in cultures that lived in different times and very far away from each others. Archeo-astronautics is surely tantalizing - I want to believe too!!! Totally! - but probably simpler explanations come from the fact that we all live(d) on the same Planet. So much diference the wasn’t.

If you share some of my passions, or if you are simply a casual visitor and have some time to waste, take a look and maybe leave a (sunny) comment. I’ll be happy to improve these pages, and - why not - develop some new obsessions… ehm… passions.

Thanks for visiting my page. Sit down, relax and enjoy the ride.